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  Great Lakes Realty (Gibbons) Inc.

Sold ! 14,986 Acres Land and Forest Investment in Northern Ontario Canada!

near Sault Ste. Marie

1 of 28 lakes and rivers

1 of 28 lakes and rivers

ID#: SOLD 14,000-ARK

Sault Ste. Marie

  • 14,000 Acres
  • Great View

Situated at the heart of the Great Lakes,  at the junction of Trans Canada Highway 17 and United States Interstate #75 make it an ideal venue for any form of business.

 Property has large quantity of timber, over 28 lakes, streams and rivers, a major river traverses through the property, great salmon fishing. The forests are habitat for moose, bear, deer & variety of small game. Under proper forestry management, this site will generate ample cash flow, virtually forever.  For example, under forestry management, pulp wood removal will take 7 to 10 years to complete over the entire property.  While timber removal, destined for hardwood and medium softwood markets, will add considerable and additional cash flow and presumably will provide a return on investment in the range of five to eight percent, dependent upon management. 



The physical attributes of the site also lend themselves toward potential recreational development such as large scale resorts, clubs, camp grounds, retreats, hunting, etc.


Located minutes from the International Bridge to USA.


With the construction of a 4-lane series highway, almost completed, all the way from Toronto to Sudbury, the whole frontier, of what is known as Rainbow Country, is becoming easily accessible for those who are procuring affordable and exclusive holiday retreats and as a great alternative to those more expensive areas such as one would find in the Muskoka’s. 








Distances to Major Markets:




Sudbury, ON



Thunder Bay, ON



Toronto, ON



Ottawa, ON



Vancouver, BC



Edmonton, AB







MAJOR EMPLOYERS: Top Ten Profit Employers and # of Employees:

























  • Murray Gibbons,
    Sales Rep

  • Timber Contract available

    Timber Contract available

    Continual cash flow from Timber Management

    Continual cash flow from Timber Management

    On site swimming

    On site swimming

    Northern Solitude

    Northern Solitude

    Map outline of site and area

    Map outline of site and area

    Harbour front Sault Ste Marie

    Harbour front Sault Ste Marie

    Locator Map

    Locator Map