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Murray Gibbons is a well-known Realtor in South Western Ontario. He has a remarkable understanding of Real Estate, selling for over 25 years. He has an extensive knowledge of Agricultural, Rural, Investment and Development properties from Lake Erie in Southern Ontario to Georgian Bay in the north and from Windsor in the West to Ottawa Valley in the East. There has not been one place where he has traveled to in Ontario in the last few years that people have not recognized him and shouted across some rural exhibition or farm or horse or cattle auction:  "Hey, Murray, where've you been?" followed by at least an hour of reminiscing with many old customers and friends.

He lives to make deals and achieves a 'high' on every transaction. Murray was born in Norfolk County and worked hard as a young lad on a typical dairy farm in Norfolk County.  When he was barely a teen, he traveled  throughout their area involved with the family's cattle business. He was given the freedom to deal with farmer/clients and cattle breeders while he was only 14 years of age. His first car at age 16, bought and paid by his own sales' profits was enough incentive at the time to give him what has become an inherent drive and will be I'm sure, until his day of  'reckoning' by the Almighty.  I am certain he will be 'called to the Heavenly Farm' in the middle of closing a deal.

Of course the excitement of travel and sales at an early age developed into a trait he still carries in his real estate career.  He has also developed and carried with him many contacts and business associations, some of which he still maintains and employs in his present career.  They all respected him as a young man and the same perpetuates to this day. He deals with the smallest and the largest all with the same degree of care.

At age 22, Murray assumed the business of exporting and sale of Canadian Holsteins to the U.S. and Mexico, purchasing cattle from many farms throughout Ontario and Quebec.

Murray completed studies at the University of Guelph and acquired his B.Sc.Agr. He commenced his Real Estate career at an independent brokerage in 1987 and now is a Broker of Record for his own Brokerage Great Lakes Realty & Auctions Inc in his own right.

His love of the countryside and farm lands will always keep Murray assisting new clients actualize their dream. He personally has experienced dreams coming true for so many.

His progeny consists of 4 great sons of whom he is so proud.

Murray's motto: "every problem has a solution" inherent since childhood is literally his 'bed' for his strong daily determination. It is almost impossible for Murray to get a good night's sleep. He doesn't sleep alone; he goes to bed with all his clients'concerns/obstacles and wakes up with solutions.

In all areas succeeded in being the top salesman in offices for consecutive months and years  but never accepted available recognition for public display.

Murray's familiarity with all aspects of property sales and marketing brings clients and contacts from all of Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, Quebec, Nova Scotia, USA, Caribbean, United Kingdom and Western Europe. Due to his profile in the industry, massive client list, intensive Internet Marketing Strategies and full knowledge of historical and present Agricultural and Real Estate Industry, Murray can effect almost any transaction with 'ease' and assurance to the client.

The Real Estate profession is one where generally a client is a client on a one-time basis, but as witnessed, Murray still has most of his clients, even after 10 to 25 years who return for more advice, service, CMA's and purchase or sales.

He takes personal interest seriously and assists each and every client from the beginning of a sale to it's' fruition, with continual after-service being provided at no obligation. 

He carries with him the endorsement of many solicitors, brokerages and associates, clients and friends who openly recommend his talents. Feel free to ask for any recommendations that you may wish. 

He strives in developing every client into a friend for lifetime and makes each transaction a no nonsense and straightforward negotiation. This statement derives from his characteristics of listening and understanding his fellow man followed by compassion and action to bring their dream to fruition. His determination thrives on the joy of their dream materializing.

Murray continues to provide sound advice and superior service whether you are a present or past customer or simply a friend. Murray is committed to putting his clients' interests first.

Why does he practice Real Estate you may ask?

- Murray thoroughly enjoys what he does and as he says his hobby is his work.

He enjoys meeting and associating with people in different walks of life and every origin.

Murray is determined to make YOUR dream come true.

By Emily 2006

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