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Info For Non Canadians Buying Land in Ontario


Foreigners with a desire for rich farmland need look no further than Ontario, Canada, where the climate for weather and business is warm and friendly and fertile as the soil. There is currently no special tax to apply to non Canadian Owners and application for Canadian Citizenship under the act of purchasing viable farmland in Ontario is one of the more accessible and simpler ways to gain Canadian Citzenship usually with a minimum investment of Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollars.


Economy and infrastructure


The Canadian government encourages potential investors, including those interested in the agriculture sector, to take note of the country's excellent fiscal status and low inflation reflected in low domestic interest rates.


Canada boasts lower overall business costs.


Canada is immigrant-friendly, offering fewer limitations than other countries to newcomers and their spouses.


Business climate

Another incentive to invest in Canada is her positive business climate. Canada ranks first in the G7 for ethical business practices. 

As well, Canada's National Food Inspection Agency, the world's best, ensures the quality and safety of food products.




Canada also enjoys smooth North American market access. Canada and the U.S. are the world's largest trading partners with two-way trade of $502 billion in 1999 and $1.7 billion dollars a day in cross border trade. In North America, what is divided by geography is united by transportation. Canadian cities are within a 10-hour drive of 60 per cent of the U.S. market. An added bonus is the NAFTA agreement, which has allowed freer and easier trade for some agriculture-related business. The superior buying power of the American dollar is an important U.S. purchasing incentive.


Quality of life


Canada is a superior place to live. This country has the lowest cost of living - 17 to 40 per cent cheaper than living in the U.S. Canada is a safe place to do business, ranking fourth in that criteria out of 22 countries. Canada is a multicultural nation, welcoming more immigrants than any other country. 



Procedures and regulations


Equipped with evidence of the wisdom of investing in Canada, the prospective foreign farm buyer must next contact Citizenship and Immigration Canada for an application to come to Canada as a business immigrant. There are three categories of business immigrants: investors, entrepreneurs and the self-employed. Farmers are counted in the self-employed category.

Self-employed immigrants must establish or purchase a business in Canada that will keep them employed and contribute significantly to Canada's economy. To be selected as business immigrants, applicants must meet the selection criteria of the business immigration category in which they are applying. Among the criteria are education, experience, personal suitability, and occupational demand.